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The International Centre for the Study of Herculaneum Herculaneum was created by the Association, whose founding members are the City of Herculaneum, the Archaeological Superintendence of Pompeii and the British School at Rome (a research institute already working in the area). The objectives of the Centre for the Study are: To promote the study, preservation and enhancement of the site of Herculaneum. Promote archaeological and historical research, research in the techniques of conservation and restoration relevant to Herculaneum and other archaeological sites in the area, the scientific knowledge of the ancient techniques of construction and study of the law relating to the protection and conservation sites archaeological. Establish a long-term commitment about the promotion of "best practices" in the preservation of archaeological sites and materials at the international level. Working to enhance the long term and at the international level, the cultural profile of the old town and the modern city of Herculaneum, therefore improving the visitor experience at Herculaneum and encouraging an average stay of longer duration. Working with the local community in a program of activities relating to the ancient Herculaneum to establish a closer relationship between the people and their cultural heritage. The funding for the Study Centre has been obtained from the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Cultural Activities for an initial period of activity lasting a total of three years. The partners of these initiatives are the Herculaneum Conservation Project (a conservation project which already operates on the site of Herculaneum), ICCROM (an intergovernmental organization dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage), and Stoa (a 'business school' with basis of Herculaneum which offers courses in management of cultural heritage).

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