Ongoing initiatives

The Study Centre is currently in the final phase of its "three-year project" which includes activities and initiatives with which it was launched, thanks to funding received from the Ministry of Culture - Ministry of Heritage and Culture and conveyed by the city of Herculaneum. At the moment, the team of the Research Center is evaluating the results of the project three years and, through a process of consultation, is collecting proposals for the future. In this regard, the Centre welcomes suggestions for activities, collaborations and events. Among the activities in progress, two are of particular interest: the collaboration with schools Herculaneum and the oral history project.This year we worked with five schools to offer new approaches to cultural heritage with a wonderful result given by the proclamation of 100 small cultural ambassadors. The project continues, at present, with the drafting of a handbook on the route taken together and who wants to be a base of inspiration and resources for all teachers. The manual will be experienced this same school year, in collaboration with schools Herculaneum. The oral history project is discovering the hidden wealth in the testimonies of older people and is building through intergenerational activities, strong ties between the community and the region. Thanks to the archive, you are creating, these memories of the city will not be lost but will, indeed, be made accessible to the public.

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